TANCE CAT the main character of HESOKURI is copyright-free.
Everyone who stimulates this project is free to use without permission.Of course, commercial use is also not restricted.
You can draw illustrations by yourself.you also can use illustration in the site. Illustrations made by HESOKURI team will be added from time to time.
We are very pleased if you can use it with SNS etc.


 Please refrain from using them in erotic sites.

Samples of usages

Telegram is the first Japanese client version of the messenger application (Telegram) and security application(Secure MSG) that is said to have the world's most secure level.


It is used as a telegram sticker.


hesokuri stickers tansuneko


Discord 【informal HESOKURI community】

Discord is a service to enjoy text chat and voice chat easily. You don't need to open the port and drop the server for client. You can create your server immediately by user registering. Only name is required to participate in the server (registration is required for image posting etc.).。

(HESOKURI members made this)




↑Enter from here.

Wishful Thinking

From now on we think that it would be good if products and services of Tance Cats appears without permission.  For example, a LINE stamp appeared without permission, a trading card of Tance Cat, a four-frame comic starts o n a blog and a Tance Cat version of board g ame 【cash flow101】of  " a rich dad and a p oor dad".  And an application may be developed and HESOKURI can be used in the application ... ← It is too early. . .

Please commercialize Tance Cat with your idea.

Thank you.


Materials of Tance Cat