Airdrop already finished

We will start Airdrop at 0:00 on 3/15/ 2018.


【Airdrop Information】

Thanks to your cooperation.  For Airdrop holding from 15 March, we were able to achieve a capacity of 500 people.


Thank you very much.

We will continue to invite Telegram Group Chat. Please join us.

Thank you.



Telegram Group Chat 【HESOKURI】


HESOKURI project will start community group chat 【HESOKURI】using Telegram.
We will conduct Airdrop to get many people to know HESOKURI project.
The condition of participation is just to participate in Telegram Group Chat 【HESOKURI】.
Those who want to participate, please register from the participation registration form.
We will give 5,000,000 HESOKURI up to 2.5 billion (500 people) to those who participated. (25% of total issued number)

Those who have never owned virtual currency, crypto currency, grass coin , please try this opportunity.。


※【Flow of Registration】
※Registration → HESOKURI group participation → HESOKURI transfer
※※ Please be aware that Airdrop will be closed for the first 500 people from those who joined the Telegram Group Chat 【HESOKURI】 after 0:00 on 15 March 15 (Thursday). You may not receive HESOKURI according to the timing of participation registration.

The Airdrop period is from 15 March (Thu) to 25 March (Sun). We will close early if distribution limit of 2.5 billion sheets is reached.


The Bebefit1(WARASHIBE)








A request from Tance Cat

HESOKURI is just a very freshly project.
I do not have awareness and information dispatch ability. Please help us.
We will give 50,000 HESOKURI to those who participated Airdrop this time.
If you participate in Airdrop please fill your wallet address in the introducer section of the registration form. I will transfer you 50,000 HESOKURI x the number of the people you introduced after the end of Airdrop.



For this 【HESOKURIプロジェクト】Airdrop、you need free application, Telegram、IndieSquareWallet.

Please prepare them


The latest information of Airdrop will be announced in home page, Twitter、Instgram.


Participation Registration Form

Airdrop already finished

We will start Airdrop at 0:00 on 3/15/ 2018.