The First Campaign!

Warabe Koban Present!

 The campaign already finished

It is a Koban token in the motif of Japan's old sories Warashibe Millionair. [Warashibe Millionair] is a poor man who does not do anything but make an appeal to Kannon that he wants to get luck. Then Kannon appears. It is told to go to the west cherishing the first stuff he got when left the temple. It is a dream story that one straw worth nothing repeats exchanges with other stuffs, and finally becomes your lord.


This time we will give those holding 【HESOKURI】 the same number of the【WARASHIBE Koban】 .

How to present:  We use the dividend function of the counterparty.

Dividend date: between 1 April  and 5 April.

The WARASHIBE is not worth anything now. 

Because it is just straw...... 

But if you have one, someday you can exchange something someday. Also, the exchanged one may be replaced with something else.  I don't  know at when and to what I can exchange it. But I feels like you are a lords or a princess in the end.




issued 10,000,000,000枚